Why you should include your geolocation data in your social posts

Earlier this year I attended Digitized 2014, a great digital design conference taking place in Athens, GR, where I had the opportunity to meet people with kicking ass skills at their job. But everyone knows that am a developer, so I have to publicly admit now that I got bored, very bored, during some artistic sessions when everyone was talking about colors’ combinations and stuff like this, which have nothing to do with my field. Now, as it’s also commonly acknowledged, my social skills as a developer are not that mature, so that was a pretty good opportunity to grow them better: SM for the win!

After a while of posting on Twitter and Instagram photos and facts about the conference, I started following in both mediums  people that were also posting about Digitized. That’s how I met (well, technically i did not meet her but okay) Kallia. Later we talked a bit – she’s a designer – and that was pretty much it but we kept in touch through fb and insta.

All that happened about 2 months ago. Now, I am moving to a new home, downtown Athens, more precisely near the Athens Concert Hall. Kinda by accident today I noticed that Kallia had uploaded a photo on insta, containing also her geo location data. The place was named “.Iliolousto Spiti“, which means in Greek “sunny house”. As a result, clicked that place to see what is it and where is it. Apparently, it was her home – see, arts people have plenty of imagination for every single thing! Forgot to mention, it was very close to my new home!

Texted her, found out we were neighbours and started talking a bit more, made conversations about many local or not stuff and actually got to know better each other.

None of this would have come into life if Kallia had geo data turned off. Of course am not suggesting that you should always have your data exposed, but sometimes, when it’s hurtless, it’d be great to share our location. Finding our who is around us gives us another chance to chat and know people around a bit more than the typical “hey” when we run into each other.

I know that many of you might disagree, but that’s how this world keeps spinning, with different opinions coming and going all day long.