I joined Warply!

Long time no see!

I know, I’ve several days to come back at you here guys, but that was only cause I joined an awesome company so all these days I was in the middle of training sessions and hard-working. I had to reach my up-limit so that I was equally great with the rest of my team mates!

For you that you don’t already know, Warply (www.warp.ly) is a high-technology mobile advertising company. The product of Warply is generally considered as one of the best worldwide in order to target mobile users efficiently and monetize Mobile. Personalised actions, geo-fencing features, location aware services, push messages, mobile web ads and in-app actions are some of Warply’s services. Company-side, it’s a US-based company holding it’s R&D in Athens, Greece.

So, I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to join that cool company! I hold a software engineering position with expanded responsibilities on systems monitoring. Currently I’m working on the mobile web advertising section and it is expected to get my hands dirty with mobile push messages very soon!

I’ll keep you updated for events or cool projects that we organise/develop in Warply and I’m quite sure you’ll find ’em very interesting!