An oSC14 overview

Another Geekos’ event is finally over. I’m talking about the openSUSE Conference 2014, which took place at the graphical and very beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. There were about ~100 Geekos who attended the event and also many supporters of openSUSE and sponsors of the event where all over the place!

During the first day of the conf, Geekos had to register themselves so that they took their badge which was equal to a free pass to City Walls, the most-visited attraction in the old city of Dubrovnik. Of course the welcoming party was scheduled at Sesame, a local restaurant-bar, where Geekos had the chance to meet each other and do some networking before throwing out their conf!

During the whole event, guys threw some very interesting sessions, including the un-conference (BoF) sessions, about Gnome, enterprise Linux and SUSE, community and presentations building, MySQL and optimisation, security and more.

Sunday night, 27 April, was the big party night! We gathered up at EastWest, an astonishing beach bar (literally it was by the sea) and shoot some very cool photos at the beach (some Geekos also took off their chameleon-based clothes and tried out Dalmatia beaches water). A great party with plenty of food, drinks, club music and awesome people started after that, where openSUSE-ers danced and had fun till the first hours of the next day.

Geeko Party openSUSE Conf 2014

It was another awesome openSUSE community event, which unluckily ended. Fortunately, on the other hand, it was such a pleasure to see all those guys once more and have the chance to watch and learn cool stuff about cutting edge technologies inside the community.

Finally, I feel honoured because I was sponsored by SUSE to participate at this event! The next openSUSE Conference 2015 will take place in The Hague and I’m sure we all cannot wait till then!

ps: Have you ever seen football players exchanging their shirts after a great match, showing their respect to each other? Yeah, that happened at the conf, too! Here’s my badge now! Hello Anahuak, somewhere in Brazil!