openSUSE Summit 2013

Hello guys, a long way after my last post here!

As expected, i was too busy this period of the year, coding for projects, studying telecommunications for my University, being occupied with my startup and much much more. The last one was the openSUSE Summit 2013 which i attended.

It took place in Orlando,Florida, in the US of A, more precisely near  the Lake Buena Vista. The resort hosting the event was into the Disneyland, it was the Coronado Springs Resort, which was by the way awesome! So, from 15 to 17 Nov this year, i can say i had the most interesting days of my life during this year,seriously! The event was so well organised, the lake was beautiful as paradise and of’s all about the people thus of course you guess how perfect it was!

I met with a bunch of people around the world who are a little tiny part of this huge global openSUSE community. The summit covered a great range of topics. Alex, our event photographer and also a member of the Greek openSUSE community, has a photo for every single moment happened during the event!

There,on Saturday,i had a session too, presenting how you can build scalable php web apps using the CakePHP framework.

The event also included a pizza party, a Mexican themed party with sobreros mexican-hats and spicy food, lots of beer, Geeko money and a Geeko hunt game,where Geekos tried to find some hidden openSUSE logo stickers around the place and the one who had found the most, won a prize 😀

Finally i have to say i met some great guys over there and definitely i’ll attend the next one,too! I had a great time, i had the change to visit and discover the beauty of Orlando and Florida and get to know better software professionals, talk with them about what we love the most, see closer new technologies in SUSE and learn about very impressive projects!

Thank you guys for the great time we had together and..namaste 😉